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Hard-working web design studio is looking for an experienced project manager to work on client-driven projects. We believe in enjoying the rigorous process of deadline-driven client work. We manage to do this while still having an emphasis on a fun, community motivated work culture.

This position is a contract-to-hire role. This role will fill a critical need for all phases of the project including design and development for our valued clients. After the contractor completes their assigned work for the client, we will evaluate the work comprehensively, and if milestones and performance criteria are met, we will negotiate a full-time offer. The position is fully remote. Please read the qualifications as a guidepost.

Job Position Decoration
  • At direction of product lead or CTO, complete assigned tasks
  • Maintain all project folders and tickets with a high standard of quality in organization
  • When requested, join calls with fellow designers, developers, and clients
  • Conduct design/dev project stand-ups and status meetings with clients
  • Take well organized notes during client calls and update projects based on scope of changes
  • Utilize our productivity solutions to manage timelines and milestones
  • Check in weekly with the head of product development on planning
  • Be able to communicate effectively through Slack and Email
  • 4+ years experience working with a software team
  • Strong proficiency with Google Workspace Tools
  • Experience with ClickUp or similar project management tools
  • Experience working with an Agile team structure
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience with and/or exposure to software design
  • Experience with and/or exposure to software development
  • Experience with Figma design tools preferred
  • Experience with ClickUp strongly preferred
  • Experience in shipping software preferred

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