Identity and Access Management Engineer

Job Description

An Identity and Access Management (IAM) Engineer is a professional responsible for designing, implementing, and managing systems that control and secure access to an organization’s resources. This role involves developing and maintaining identity management solutions to ensure that only authorized individuals or systems have access to specific information, applications, or services.

Our engineers work closely with a broad range of clients to design, implement, and support custom software solutions in the areas of Identity Management, Access Management, Identity Governance, and Privileged Access Management.

Job Position Decoration

● Meet with clients both face-to-face and virtually to collaboratively design solutions. Document requirements, explain advantages and trade-offs of different approaches and help clients determine execution strategies.

● Collaborate with other engineers and project managers to scope projects and create execution plans.

● Collaborate with other engineers to deliver heavily customized identity solutions using a range of products from various partners combined with custom software developed by engineers.

● Deliver, configure, deploy and install solutions in various client environments.

● Engineering IAM platform customizations, enhancements, and modifications using common software development tools and languages.

● Provide ongoing on-site and off-site support for identity solutions in various customer environments.


● 5+ Years professional software engineering experience.

● Experience with software development projects on both Windows and Linux.

● Experience thriving inside agile development teams (Scrum, XP etc.)

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

● Strong preference for engineers with experience using software development skills to create Identity solutions (ie custom extensions, plugins, connectors, and product enhancements).

Relevant Software Engineering Tools As a high-end services provider, our engineers work with the languages, tools, and environments preferred by our various clients. Some of the most common technologies are listed below, and experience with these will prove valuable.

● Java, C#, C++

● Javascript, TypeScript, Python

● Maven

● Git

● Vue, React

● Docker, Kubernetes

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