Sr. Mobile Engineer

Job Description

Mobile Engineers specialize in managing the interchange of data between servers and mobile users. You will collaborate with team members in creating performant and bug-free code through code reviews and continuous integration processes. Your primary focus will be the development of client-side and server-side logic to build high-quality user interfaces and micro-services that support the needs of our customers.

Mobile Engineers drive software excellence across the company by ensuring that high-quality and performant code is delivered to our distributors, customers, and partners. This is achieved through strong, continuous collaboration, innovative ideas, and crucial action with partner engineering teams.

Job Position Decoration
  • Work as part of a team to build React applications, update and maintain legacy
    AngularJS and Vue.js applications
  • Release applications to Apple and Google Play stores
  • Use native APIs for deep integrations with mobile platforms
  • Mentor and assist engineers to migrate existing Vue/Angular/legacy web apps to React
    Native or React.
  • Actively participate in meetings to review product requirements in order to clarify
    expected outcomes and acceptance criteria as you break down the work and provide
    estimates as to its completion.
  • Participate in Scrum ceremonies and estimation activities.
  • Identify and implement ideas to improve system performance and availability.
  • Perform code reviews to validate the design and implementation of features, in addition
    to finding bugs and estimating the code quality.
  • Facilitate or work with experienced team members to conduct root cause analysis of
    system issues and implement corrective solutions.
  • Create and perform unit testing code using Test Driven Design (TDD) for code quality
    and coverage.
  • Be a model for and mentor other software engineering team members.
  • Utilizing a shift-left mentality, collaborate with quality assurance efforts to develop
    software test plans.
  • Adhere to company software engineering standards (coding, unit testing, integration
    testing, deployment, etc.).
  • 5-8 years of programming experience demonstrating advanced system knowledge in
    several domain areas, technologies, and tools to create high quality software.
  •  3+ years of professional experience working with React/Vue/AngularJS, with an
    advanced understanding of best practices and a commitment to follow them.
  • History of leading a team and mentoring other software engineers.
  • Expert knowledge and usage of Node.js and NPM.
  • Expert in CSS pre-processing systems such as SASS and LESS, as well as development
    tools such as Webpack, Gulp and Babel.
  • Expert in creating unit tests and using unit testing frameworks such as Jest, Karma and
  • Expert in implementing NoSQL solutions such as DynamoDB or MongoDB.
  • Proficient in using database development functions such as joins, constraints, stored
    procedures, indexing and schema design.
  • Expert with CI/CD tools and patterns and tools like Git, Maven, Jenkins and Postman, as
    well as logging/monitoring technologies like Datadog and Splunk.
  • Advanced cloud proficiency, including creating/maintaining microservices (AWS
  • Expert troubleshooting skills for complex, multi-system issues.
  • Expert understanding of software design patterns and best practices.
  • Expert in SOLID object-oriented and/or Functional design principles.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; can articulate sophisticated ideas and
    influence others through well-reasoned explanation.
  • Passion for shipping high-quality, elegant, tested code with an obsession with delivering value to our customers.

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